Come take a peek behind the curtains at the the technology supporting and the reasons behind the decisions that led to the architecture. 

Here are a few of the pain points that TWC came to us with, and that we will discuss:

  • With over 2 million locations with unique forecasts cache efficiency was low.
  • Feature velocity was a challenge as requirements sometimes change quickly
  • Too many hurdles in the current platform to content generation
  • Too many legacy platforms to support

Some novel innovations that were created within the Drupal framework to support TWC:

  • Presentation framework allows independent teams to create flexible widgets that can vary in presentation based on the consuming device (ESI, native, inline or AngularJS)
  • How mobile has become a hub that supports the mobile apps
  • How the content workflow is write once use many places
  • Highly leveraging ESI and a novel routing concept to increase cache efficiency