$2500 (Limit 2)

All Benefits from Platinum Sponsorship plus:

  • ADUG top-tier sponsor, with shout out and promotions at every event
  • DCA training room dedicated towards company promotion
  • Independent page on ADUG website dedicated to promotion
  • 7 Complimentary attendee badges for DCA
  • 7 Complimentary DCA T-Shirts
  • 2 Complimentary attendees at annual intro-to-Drupal training


All Benefits from Gold Sponsorship plus:

  • ADUG shout-outs at all events throughout the year
  • Platinum Sponsor recognition location for table at DCA
  • Exclusive call out on ADUG/DCA websites home pages
  • Company logo on gift bags and T-Shirt (top tier) at DCA
  • 5 Complimentary attendee badges for DCA
  • 5 Complimentary DCA T-Shirt


  • Introduction before Keynote opening at DCA
  • Sponsor table in main hallway area with power
  • Callout on DCA website home page
  • Company logo on gift bags and DCA T-Shirt (bottom tier)
  • 3 Complimentary attendee badges for both days
  • 3 Complimentary DCA T-Shirt
  • Twitter campaign about being a sponsor
  • Official badge of honor to post online
  • Hyperlink on our website back to yours for promotion
  • Community goodwill and support of Drupal in the southeast!

Want to help out in a different way?  We have a lot of individual items and tasks that need to be completed in order for us to run successful camps.  Here is a run-down of options for you to entertain, should you want to help out!  There are some perks with a few of the more pricey options, so please check the details.

Raffle Items: Estimated cost - $...whatever you want!

Perks – We will have a raffle give-away during lunch at DCA!  This is something we do every year, usually spur of the moment, but we are looking to get donations this year for this.  We will promote your company during the raffle give-away.

Lanyards: Estimated cost - $150

Perks – Great way to get your logo on a piece of swag that literally everyone will be wearing!  You can provide lanyards or pay for them…your call!

Donuts/Coffee: Estimated cost - $150-200

Perks – You can say you provided the donuts for the event!  Dunkin’ or the like would work just fine.

Session Rooms: Estimated cost - $300 / room

Perks – Great way to get your company name on the rooms for the entire camp!  You will have people at the camp saying “Hey, you should come with me to the next session in ABC Company’s room.”  It will happen ALL DAY.  Also, we will have it on the session program, use the name to direct attendees, and we will have shout-outs on the website and such.

Bags: Estimated cost - $300

Perks – You get your company name on our bags!!  Literally everyone will get one at the conference, carry them around the entire time, and then use them for groceries and such after the camp.  Good way to get some recognition.

Table/Booth: Estimated cost - $400

Perks – You get a booth and 2 attendees!  The booth positioning won’t be as good as our main sponsors, but you will get plenty of foot traffic and the chance to walk around the event to network.

Badges: Estimated cost - $500-1000

Perks – You get your company name on the badges that hang from the lanyards (double-threat opportunity!).  These badges are laminated and are usually hung on people’s desk after the camp…for years.

Food: Estimated cost - $2,000

Perks – You will get a sponsor booth, individual promotion of the event, and the sole sponsor for our food.  This will provide an announcement when we actually do lunch and we will give you time to talk about your company and…whatever else you want.

After-Party (possibly 2 sponsors): Estimated cost - $1000-2000

Perks – If you’ve been to one of our After-Parties before, you know there are lots of beers, food, and shots.  It happens.  Got to unwind from the camp and do some good networking!  We usually get about 30-40% of the camp to attend.  Want to be the premiere sponsor of the event?  Great!  Let us know and we will pick up what’s left over after your contribution.

Training Day: Estimated Cost - $750

Perks – No, Denzel won’t be there.  But, some of the best minds in Drupal will be and they will be training like crazy!  We typically have about 30% of the camp attend trainings, so a great way to have your logo on the rooms and the ability to get some marketing during the main camp.  We will also be marketing your company in any way possible.

A/V: Estimated cost - $4,000

Perks – We will totally put your logo on the videos.  We will also be happy to announce your company and link-back to your site all year.  We have some of the best videos in the camp community and literally EVERY SESSION gets recorded, edited, and deployed to YouTube.  Our videos stay up for years…viewed by the community globally.  You also get to work with Recall Act, our A/V vendor, who is awesome!

Location: Estimated cost - $12,000

Perks – Ok, we are reaching here, but the Double Tree hotel ain’t cheap.  If anyone would like to sponsor at this level, let me know personally and I will literally do anything to make your sponsorship dreams come true.