Growth Hacking has gained popularity in recent years as a way for start-ups with small marketing budgets to scale their customer base quickly using innovative tactics.  Master Growth Hackers work smarter by understanding the status quo and coming up with creative ways to leverage the standard systems. In this session, we will pull back the curtain on several growth hacks Mediacurrent has used leveraging content creation, marketing automation, CRM tools and Drupal. Mediacurrent has leveraged these on our own to achieve 129% year-over-year growth in conversions.

Topics covered will include:

  • Content planning, creating and publishing

  • Overview of Marketing Automation including how it works and what problems it solves

  • Hyper targeting website visitors through progressive profiling, lead scoring and other analytics tools

  • Campaign building and execution

  • Marketing Automation and CRM integration

  • Why use a Marketing Automation module?


About Shellie

Shellie is the Director of Marketing at Mediacurrent with 12 years of experience in Marketing Strategy and Client Services.  

Shellie is an expert at demonstrating marketing’s value with the C-suite as a growth and revenue driver and not a cost on the books. Her specialty is developing cohesive marketing strategies that produce measurable, meaningful results including driving revenue, lead generation, increased brand preference and awareness.  

She writes on this and other topics related to Marketing and Drupal and is a member of both the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA) and the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).