As a developer, I focus on the functionality of the websites that I work on, not the SEO. SEO causes many small work orders that a developer may not want to work on. With forethought and some key modules, you can avoid most work orders and empower the person in charge of analytics to take care of their own tasks. I plan on walking through marking up a content type with metadata and setting it up to feed into Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, and any other platform that accepts Open Graph or markup. I'll also add a few housekeeping items to keep the SEO pros happy and out of the ticketing system.

To get the most out of this talk, you should already know the basics of creating or customizing themes and utilizing the Drupal administrative interface.


Main topics

  • Front-End Forethought - Consider how you structure your content and fields.
  • Fifteen minute Rich Snippets - With properly formatted fields, adding general schema is a breeze. Uses Display Suite module.
  • Metatag and Tokens - Add default data and images for Facebook, Pinterest, and other platforms that use Open Graph markup.
  • Google Analytics - More than just a UA code. Add internal search, remarketing, and AdSense tracking in a few clicks.
  • DIY click events - Add a field so your content editors can add Google Analytic and Bing event tracking.
  • Other tips and tricks as time allows.