With content managers wanting more and more on their websites, it's time for web developers to start looking at how to build a truly clean and lean web machine that does more with less.  We will look at before and after snapshots of websites rebuilt by the presenter using the design principle of focusing on simplicity and abstraction to reduce website bloat and complexity.  Attendees will:

* Discover how (and why) to abstract complex components out of the main website and move them into other systems that are better capable of handling them.

* See how to design well-functioning landing pages in Drupal that don't require the use of a pick axe and dynamite to make future changes.

* Learn key strategies and steps for deploying a streamlined Drupal website that will be easy to maintain and upgrade into the future.

(Note to Selection Committee: I will only be available for Friday 10/16, and would prefer an afternoon timeslot if possible.)