Community Building, Knowledge Consolidation, & Pain Points Georgia Tech embarked on a top-level web redesign project in 2011, which culminated in a refresh design released to the campus community in late 2013. As the redesign of top-level web content completed, the larger task began: “How do we pass along this new knowledge to web developers, communicators, and faculty/staff across campus?”

“One Georgia Tech” quickly expanded beyond consistent branding to include knowledge consolidation and dissemination, web community building, and end-user engagement to refine web initiatives and practices.

This presentation will detail four major aspects of “One Georgia Tech”: CMS and CMS-agnostic resources, community building, knowledge consolidation, and pain points.

What You'll Learn:
  • CMS and CMS-Agnostic Resources: How we managed themes, plugins, and style guides for the consistent branding of Georgia Tech across campus units and resources
  • Knowledge Consolidation: How we built a culture of knowledge-sharing between web developers, communicators, and interested faculty/staff on all things web at Georgia Tech
  • Community Building: How we revived and restructured campus working groups and organizations to help crowdsource web initiatives, engage with end-users and various stakeholders, and connect web development resources across campus
  • Pain Points: How we worked around the various pain points of web development, both technology- and process-driven