I would like to present Zurb Foundation + Paragraphs + Display Suite for super awesome editorial experiences.  

I have never presented before, and have limited experience with D8 and Zurb Foundation, but I have been building Drupal sites for 6 years.  I just recently ( like 2 weeks ago ) started using Foundation theme and I really like it.

The presentation will start by briefly explaining my development workflow, which ( I am told ) is a bit different, since I use a server based development flow.  Basically, SSHFS, SSH, Drush, Git, and Digital Ocean. (10 minutes )

Next I will cover the steps to get a Foundation sub theme set up with Sass ( libsass ) / Gulp with Drush.  I have a few notes which include all the commands to get your environment set up. (15 minutes)

The next section will explain how to create some flexible Paragraphs with Display Suite and the Layout Plugin to give editors and authors control over their content layouts. I will do this by using a live server and building the Paragraphs and configuring a content type.  I will go into some of the prepared templates, and why you might want to use custom layouts over the ones that ship with the Foundation theme. (15 minutes)

Here are the slides.