Following a rebranding initiative, the Rainforest Alliance web design team worked with Last Call Media to build the next version of in Drupal 8. This talk is our story and covers how agile software development methodologies were used to meet the requirements of the project.

Using this real-world example, we will discuss Agile basics, including Scrum Roles and Values, Product Backlog Development and Grooming, Definitions of Done, as well as Sprint Planning and Review. We will also expand carefully into more advanced territory, such as Sprint Forecasting, Story Points, Buildup Charting, Technical Debt, and Release Planning. Topics and problem areas will be discussed in a story-telling format and will be of benefit and interest to attendees of any expertise.

Kelly Albrecht is a Certified ScrumMaster, Senior Producer, and Product Owner at Last Call Media.

View the full case study here.