Summary: The lessons I learned about optimizing with CDN, SSL, and site structure all on shared hosting.

Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Tags: Higher-Ed, SSL, CDN, Lessons learned


Presentation Overview:

  1. Explain the history of the Georgia Tech Office of International Education’s website.

    1. Critical Failures - White Screen of Death

    2. Splitting the OIE site in two

      1. Read Only content site

      2. User Generated content site

  2. SSL saves the day - Solving the mysterious firewall issues

    1. Basic overview of setup

      1. Htaccess

      2. Drupal changes

    2. Myths and debunking

  3. CDN saves the day too - Speed increase and less demand on home servers

    1. Overview of CDN Module setup

    2. Myths

Tools Used:

  1. Drupal CDN Module

    1. How to setup, configure, test and use

  2. Using SSL on Drupal

  1. Common problems

  2. Htaccess and redirects


Slides and Notes: