Drupal, over the past several years, has largely been a technology solution that almost sells itself. From huge organizations to entire governments to well established educational institutions, much of the world has standardized on Drupal as their solution for millions of websites.

As an open source community, we've built an amazing solution. The world has adopted it, and now we must support it.

By examining creativity where we then need to support what we've created, this presentation discusses some reasons for Drupal's success and the issues we now face in sustainably supporting our creation.

Covered topics include:

  • Maintaining a healthy work-life / Drupal-life balance
  • Preventing burnout at an organisation/community/personal level
  • The human benefits and responsibility in┬ácontributing to Open Source
  • Drupal community success stories / lessons learnt

Attendees, of any expertise, will consider answers to:

What does it mean to support something?

Who's job is it to care about the users and support of Drupal?