As some of the world's largest applications are developed as open-source, the need for project maintainers has become vital to the success and longevity of these programs. While the core codebase is the backbone of these applications, the contrib space provides the functionality that drives user adoption.

Without the hardwork and dedication of the numerous volunteers that maintain contrib modules and themes these open source projects could not be successful.

  • So what does it take to become a maintainer?

  • Why would someone volunteer so much time?

  • What are some tips to avoid burnout?

  • How do you split your time between client and contrib work?

  • How can someone become a (co-) maintainer?

These are the types of issues that our Keynote Contrib Panel will discuss. We will be joined by some of Drupal’s top contrib maintainers: Jacob Rockowitz (Webforms), Damien McKenna (Metatag), and Ryan Szrama (Drupal Commerce).