In this advanced session Dave Watts (Fig Leaf Software) and Kirsten Burgard (US Department of State) will take you through the steps they took to archive a Drupal 7 site onto S3. At some point, all sites come to an end, so join us in one example of how we did this.


Attendees should be intermediate to advanced users.

  • This IS a technical session and will provide how-to's of switching off dynamic for static html prep. 
  • This will include a discussion of different attempts of code scraping and fetching.
  • Why we chose AWS for this instead of alternatives like github pages.
  • Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to fail up through trial and error.
  • How to configure S3 to serve your content.
  • How to migrate your content to S3
  • We'll also touch on HTTPS requirements for S3