The days of nailing a 'design' onto a website after you've built it are gone. Component-based architectures and atomic design principles are the future, but how can we use them in Drupal?

Front end prototyping tools like Kalastatic or Pattern Lab are great for front-end developers, but how do we pull these components into the Drupal site building space? Easy! With a lot of help from ParagraphsBricks, and a little bit of special sauce called Kalagraphs. With this small handful of modules, you can be saving time, overhead and database tables by utilizing a single Paragraph type for all your components. 

Derek will demonstrate this new approach to building component based sites that keeps the front-enders in the markup, the back-enders in the logic, and the themers are nowhere to be seen.

Attendees will profit from having a working or at least aspirational prior familiarity with component-based design principles.