Drupal Commerce is more than just a single project on drupal.org. Its scope encompasses hundreds of other contributed modules that add broadly used but non-core feature sets (e.g. shipping, subscription management, etc.), one-off features (wish lists, reordering, etc.), and integrations to third party services. These contributions represent a key strength of the platform overall, but they are also difficult to track, analyze, and communicate for developers and agencies pitching Drupal Commerce who don't have full time resources dedicated to building them.

It is essential for the growth of Drupal Commerce for everyone in our community to understand what's going on and to know how to position the platform. This session will provide a brief overview of how Commerce Guys manages the ecosystem with a special focus on the value their Ecosystem Partners bring to the table. It will then introduce their plan for keeping every Drupal agency informed to help them better market and sell Drupal Commerce in their territories.

This will be a non-technical session with useful information for everyone from developers (especially pre-sales engineers) to sales, marketing, and management personnel involved in selling and delivering Drupal Commerce projects. Expect to learn:

  • The scope and scale of the Drupal Commerce ecosystem
  • High level categories of modules and the initiatives driving their development
  • How Commerce Guys engages partners to improve Drupal Commerce for everyone
  • How to position Drupal Commerce in the context of its capabilities and competitors
  • Where agencies and teams looking for information and sales collateral can find it
  • The roadmap for self-sustaining ecosystem development and communication