This spring, our team built an ultra fast search interface for a client Drupal site using React, Apache Solr, and the Drupal Search API module.

This project allowed the client to leverage some of the well-established benefits of decoupling Drupal's content from the presentation layer, while also avoiding many of the challenges that complete decoupling involves.

We were able to provide a really great user experience for our client and understanding how we progressively decoupled in this case may open doors to many other similar opportunities for you on projects you're working on.


Insights you'll get from this talk:

  • We'll explain the architecture decisions and the tradeoffs needed to build this interface
  • Gotchas with Apache Solr and the Search API default configuration
  • Best practices for including React in your Drupal project
  • Considerations for how the same technique could be used to improve other aspects of a Drupal site