In this session we will examine human factors and basic principles of psychology in design. We will learn how behavior is controlled by the automatic and reflective systems and how to design UI patterns to create “nudges” in choice architecture that guide the users towards an intended goal.

In addition we will examine how these patterns can be used to feature products, create habits, build loyalty, and affinity through various case studies.

Personalized and Categorized Search

We will review a recent design project where the Bento Box Search UI pattern was employed as a way to organize search results for USC Libraries. Using human factors in UI, a Bento display can integrate an array of search results in a personalized and meaningful way.

Session Requirements:
Basic understanding of the design to development process, concept of wireframing and end user experience.


Session Goals:

  • Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of their users

  • Learn how choice architecture influences online behavior

  • Learn how to defend design decisions to clients

  • Learn best practices to improve conversion rates and user engagement


#design #UX #UI #Drupal #choicearchitecture