This half-day training will be held on Friday, September 13, from 8:30am - 11:30am.

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The Composer dependency manager can sometimes be a little intimidating for new users - until you learn just a little bit about what is under the hood, then the full power of both this tool is fully revealed. In this half-day workshop, we'll learn the basics of Composer to manage a project's dependencies using hands-on examples. Once we know the basics, we'll take a look at a the "Drupal Composer Drupal Project" Composer template - a current best practice for managing Drupal 8 codebases. As time permits, additional Composer-related tips and tricks will be discussed and demonstrated.


  • All students should be comfortable working on the (Linux-y) command line, including using commands such as: cd, ls, vi/pico/nano, chmod, and chown.
  • Some experience with Git
  • Composer installed
  • PHP 7 
  • A copy of Drupal 8 does not need to be installed on your local machine.