This full-day training will be held on Thursday, September 12 from 9:00am - 4:00pm.

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Maybe you know nothing about Drupal, but you've heard that it's really really hard. [Kind of true but kind of not true]
Maybe you've played around with it and been blindsided by some of the quirkiness of the user interface and complexity. [Be honest here!]
Maybe you've gotten kind of far, but you feel like you missed out on the foundations of Drupal and wish you had a better grasp of how Drupal works.
No matter what situation you find yourself in, join me as we spend a whole day building the "Drop University Job Board!"

We'll go step by step and configure:

  • Menus, Menu Items
  • Blocks, Block Types
  • Entities, Entity Bundles, Fields, Nodes, Taxononomy
  • Images, Image Styles, Image Entities
  • Views Pages, Views Blocks
  • And more!

Learning Objectives

  • How does Drupal manage content?
  • Where in the Drupal admin menus do I get anything done?
  • How do I manage images used in Drupal?
  • How do I categorize my content?
  • How do I create useful navigation elements that leverage my information architecture?
  • How do I manage users?
  • How can I stop pounding my head against the keyboard and actually get stuff done in Drupal!
  • Plenty of time for Q-n-A. So, bring your questions!


Come as you are. Bring your LAPTOP, your frustrations, confusions, and misgivings about Drupal. To follow along with me, you'll need a Drupal install. If you have a fully functional webserver on your desktop, feel free to use it. If not, then get a free sandbox from Pantheon Systems We'll fire up a Pantheon instance at the beginning of class so you can grab one then or you can go grab one right now.

Questions about this training OR dougvann OR Drupal in general?

Doug Vann - Synaptic Blue Inc

The only reason I understand this stuff is because I worked my butt off for years figuring it out. I had a lot of good people help me out tremendously. Early on, I discovered that I could take what I know, and make it make sense to others. I have an ability to appreciate the frustrations and occasional madness that can come from working with Drupal. [most of you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!]

Drupal is ALL I do! And Training and Consulting is where the majority of my time is spent. I routinely travel to major universities [PennState, CalState, Butler U, Ohio State, etc.] , private enterprise [Silicon Valley, Publishers, Associations, Design Agencies, etc.] Government agencies [NASA, US Fed. Court, State of NY, etc.] They rely on me to address attendees who may or may not have CompSci Degrees or any real experience in any CMS. They need to learn Drupal, and that's exactly what I help them do.

In my class I bring 12 years of Drupal experience and the full knowledge that Drupal can be painful, especially if you don’t understand the many facets of the UI. I can tell you that after going through my class, I often hear people exclaim that Drupal is finally making sense. I'm also told that after attending my class, ppl are able to understand books and videos and camp sessions much better. I understand the how and why of Drupal and I explain that and reinforce it as we work together to build a site that, while simple, shows off the most popular and powerful features of Drupal!

Let's do it!