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Are you looking to make a career change? Are you looking to hire your next employee? The DrupalCamp Atlanta Career Summit will bring together local leaders, students and job seekers to discuss the future of enterprise content management systems. 

When and Where Is it? 

The 2020 Career Summit is scheduled for Friday, September 11.  This year's Career Summit will be included in our virtual DigitalCamp

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Why is it Important?

As technology continues to push the limits, the demand for talent has put pressure on the community to find the next generation of Drupal professionals including designers, developers, sales and project managers. Participants will explore career opportunities, career development, and how open source solutions are changing the way we buy, build, and use technology.

  • Learn about job opportunities and training.
  • Hear how local leaders progressed through their careers and the change open source creates for their clients and business.
  • Connect with professionals in the career you want and learn about their progression, opportunities, challenges, and wins. 

Who Should Attend?

Students and job seekers should take advantage of the Career Summit! It will allow you to meet with potential employers and industry leaders. You'll get a chance to learn about career opportunities and connect with peers with similar interests. 

Are You Hiring?

We're looking for companies that want to hire and educate. You can get involved with the summit by becoming a sponsor of DigitalCamp Atlanta. Sponsors of the virtual event will have the opportunity to engage with potential candidates through sponsored online networking sessions.