If you are a Drupal 8 site builder or developer then you probably already know that you should be using Composer to manage your codebase. This workshop is designed for folks who struggle with using Composer, or who are ready to jump in and use it for the first time. 

The Composer dependency manager can sometimes be a little intimidating - until you learn what is under the hood, then the full power of this tool is fully revealed. In this full-day workshop, we'll learn the basics of Composer to manage a project's dependencies using multiple hands-on examples. 

We'll start with a discussion about exactly what a dependency manager is and why we need one, then we'll build a (non-Drupal) PHP project from scratch using Composer. From there we'll learn to add, remove, and update dependencies. 

Once we know the basics, we'll take a deep dive into the "drupal/recommended-project" Composer template - the best practice for managing Drupal 8 codebases.

Finally, a series of Composer related tips and tricks will be discussed and demonstrated, including additional Composer commands and plugins as well as a discussion about PHP versions and using Composer in a production environment. 

This training will be held on Thurday, September 10 from 9:00am - 12:00pm.

Please note that each training requires a separate registration purchase.

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