Consisting of a show and tell of a selection of large and small site installations from various departments, schools and colleges at the University of Georgia, panelists including back end and front end developers, public relations experts, librarians, and web coordinators  will share their ship's timeline with Drupal versions and examples from the past, present and future. A moderator will then ask questions of panelists including: the biggest challenges they have faced with migrations and upgrades, the issues or blessings of more cohesive branding initiatives over the last few years, and their visions, concerns, and hopes for the future. In a post pandemic world, everyone contributes to digital content creation and curation. What is the shifting and evolving landscape of open source web development in higher ed? We hope for a vibrant segment of questions and look forward to engaging discussions.

  • This session will be accessible to those new to Drupal as well as experts.
  • This session will give an overview of Drupal websites at UGA, and compare that to the other site installs (both paid and open source) across campus.
  • Attendees will walk away having learned a variety of different uses from small internal sites to large scale implemebtations in higher ed (intranets, student portals, faculty and research sites, libraries, and entire school websites).

The site-specific examples will be sure to inspire attendees, and the questions and answers to encourage a collaborative discussion to include sharing trouble-shooting tips and give rise to ideas or solutions. Panelists come from the University Libraries, Franklin Caollege of Arts & Sciences, the School of Law & Law Library, and a moderator from Terry College of Business.