If you find GatsbyJS, ReactJS, Angular, NextJS/NuxtJS, REST & GraphQL interesting then this talk is for you. We will learn how to marry 3 wonderful platforms to build insanely fast, offline-first, mobile-friendly, interactive Single Page Applications (SPA) / web sites.

  1. Drupal is great as a CMS, and even better as a headless/decoupled CMS.
  2. Svelte is compiler that compiles HTML+CSS+JavaScript into pure JavaScript that is executable on client (browser) as well as server (NodeJS). The code it produces does not use Virutal DOM, does not need a runtime framewok, and thus produces very small bundles that run faster than alternatives such as ReactJS and Angular. As a bonus, the developer experience is extremely pleasant, due to the simplicity of Svelte programming model.
  3. Sapper is a client- as well as server-side framework that lets you create high performance websites that can fetch content or data from RESTful backends and render them either client-side or server-side with Svelte. And blurs the line between the client and the server by rendering either on client or server.

The end result is a website that is SEO friendly, fast, content rich, and interactive.

  1. Content rich and easy to manage because is Drupal!
  2. Fast performance due to Sapper's prefetching and Svelte's SSR (server-side rendering)
  3. SEO ready due to server-side rendering (SSR)
  4. Mobile ready and offline-first due to Sapper's service worker.
  5. All the sweetness of Svelte, which makes it super easy to build highly interactive JavaScript driven sites.