Leveraging the simplesamlphp_auth module to enable a Drupal 7/8 site to support SSO can be a daunting task for a beginner.

Where do I start? I don't know what I don't know, so how can I even get started? How can I see what is going on behind the scenes? How do I debug this locally? What is SAML metadata?

Spend an hour with me as I share with you how I have answered these and many other questions while working with simplesamlphp and System Administrator teams to go FTW with SAML based SSO.

Walk away with knowing the basics of:

  • Setting up simplesamlphp as a Service Provider
  • Setting up simplesamlphp as an Identity Provider
  • Common pitfalls of enabling SSO in Drupal 7/8
  • How to see the handshakes and assertions of SAML between SP and IDP
  • How to plugin to the simplesamlphp community
  • How to leverage the metadata asserted via SAML in a Drupal module
  • How to dynamically deploy simplesamlphp as a Service Provider without hard coding your configurations for each environment