Let's Write Secure Drupal Code!

At times the most important issue seen while developing an application is security and vulnerabilities, the knowledge of this is required for each and every individual from developer to QAs. This session is for everyone to have an understanding of the issues that arise while going to production or taking an application live. This session will give you the knowledge of application vulnerabilities and the ways to fix those, one can fix a issue only when the one knows about its existence. 

In this session we will be focusing on security and application vulnerabilities in respect to Drupal and also on how to resolve them by covering the following topics:

  • What is Application Vulnerabilities
  • The OWASP Top 10 application vulnerabilities 2021.
  • Understanding the Vulnerabilities.
  • Points where we missed out to check in Drupal.
  • How to fix the Vulnerabilities while writing code in Drupal.
  • Demo


This is for beginner to advance users, no pre-requisite.