While building any web application, One of the prime data type that every developer has to operate on are Strings. These operations could be related to search, manipulation, or analysis of the strings, And these operations could be repetitive across various features of the web application. Such kind of repetitiveness has many risks and could prove costly if the operational code is not efficient.

This is a very basic problem that every programming language and the frameworks acknowledges it from time to time and solves it by abstracting such operational logic as helper functions to make developers life easy. PHP core provides many such helper functions around handling string operations and these functions keep getting updated from time to time and version to version of PHP.

In this session we will be focusing on few string helpers introduced in PHP 8 by covering the following topics:

  • The need for abstraction.

  • Introduction to the new functions.

  • Demo

The problems solved by these new function has been long overdue and hence these string functions have been much awaited by everyone in the PHP world, And this session shall help you in learning everything about them.