Want to help out in a different way?  We have a lot of individual items and tasks that need to be completed in order for us to run successful camps.  Here is a run-down of options for you to entertain, should you want to help out!  There are some perks with a few of the more pricey options, so please check the details.


After-Party: Cost - $2000- $4500

Perks – If you’ve been to one of our After-Parties before, you know there are lots of beers, food, and shots.  It happens.  Got to unwind from the camp and do some good networking!  We usually get about 30-40% of the camp to attend.  Want to be the premier sponsor of the event?  Great!  Let us know and we will pick up what’s left over after your contribution.


Table/Booth: Cost - $400

Perks – You get a booth and 2 attendees!  The booth positioning won’t be as good as our main sponsors, but you will get plenty of foot traffic and the chance to walk around the event to network.


Session Rooms: Cost - $300 / room

Perks – Great way to get your company name on the rooms for the entire camp!  You will have people at the camp saying “Hey, you should come with me to the next session in ABC Company’s room.”  It will happen ALL DAY.  Also, we will have it on the session program, use the name to direct attendees, and we will have shout-outs on the website and such.


Raffle Items: Min Cost - $25

Whatever you want to give away. We just ask that its a minimum estimated cost of $25. 

Perks – We will have a raffle give-away during lunch at DCA!  This is something we do every year, usually spur of the moment, but we are looking to get donations this year for this.  We will promote your company during the raffle give-away.


Have any other suggestions?  Want to just make a donation?  We’ll be happy to consult with you on how to best use your donation or create something special for you. Feel free to fill out the form and to become a sponsor.

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