How to Look Up for the Sources to Write an Effective Annotated Bibliography


An annotated bibliography is the kind of bibliography that provides a summary and analysis of the source. In other words, you have to write annotations of the secondary sources that you have selected for your chosen project. Just search for a reliable writing service myperfectwords to get your work done within a desirable time. Once you take guidance from the essay experts.


The crux of the annotation is explaining:

  • Why did you use this source?
  • Is your secondary credible?
  • Does it provide a meaningful conclusion?
  • Does it provide substantial research?



You have to evaluate your selected secondary sources considering the above-mentioned questions. In high school, we learned about formatting, referencing, annotations, and reference pages. If you cannot find the time to write then no worries, just Google and get your work done by a professional in your field on time. Approach a legit and affordable writer at https://myperfectwords.com which offers the best balance between price and quality. Even you can get special discounts along with other perks.


The bibliography goes on your reference page, however, when making annotations, you provide the link of the source and then a summary or evaluation underneath. Some students do not like to go through all the hassle and hire an essay writer online. It saves their time and they can spend time on other useful activities.


Writing annotations wasn't my cup of tea when I was in high school because I thought this was one hell of a mountainous task. Even though it wasn’t as you simply have to evaluate the source. I used to ask my friend to write my essay; whenever I got annotation-based tasks from my professors. Well, I thought I am far too important to write annotations.


This is not the case anymore because annotations are the requirement of academic writing and you have to learn it one way or another.


I learned writing annotations in school, a very useful skill that comes in handy when you pursue higher education.


I hope by now you know about the annotations and why one has to write annotations.


Why are annotations Important?

Annotations are important in the sense that it helps you understand the text. They also help you make a clear image of the text or story that you are evaluating.


Another positive aspect of annotations is that they help you memorize the key information that you could use later on.


It allows you to see how writers/scholars have displayed their work and compiled it into an understandable piece.


How can you look up sources?

For an effective annotated bibliography, you have to remember some key points regarding the selection and evaluation of your sources. Hire an essay writer, if you think your paper still lacks the wow factor. They will proofread your essay and make it professional-looking.


In high school, we were allowed to share personal opinions in our essays but to reach a higher level of education, we cannot do that because we have to establish the credibility of our paper. It’s the reason that is why we integrate secondary sources by carefully evaluating them.


I am hopeful that you now have a clear understanding of annotations as well as why we use sources.


Now, on to key points:

First of all, locate your sources and for that, you have to look at the sources from multiple databases. You can use your university databases such as EBSCO, PsycINFO, Emerald Journal, GSCLU, Gale, JSTOR, etc., and online libraries, and google Scholar. The options are endless. You have to find the topic using multiple keywords because sometimes, the exact keyword doesn’t work, and sometimes, the alternate keyword works.


Make sure you know this tactic as it’s very helpful.

Secondly, analyze the work of each author carefully. Ask questions for better understanding and see which author has provided the broader perspective or multiple perspectives on the topic. Don’t go for that source that doesn’t provide much material evaluation.


You have to analyze them with critical eyes to gather informative and credible material.

Go through every source, narrow it down to their key point, and then compare each work. You will get the hint to use a better source.  If you still have trouble understanding, then look for an essay writing service provider, and get your work done as per your professor’s demand. Don’t go for a cheap paper writing service because you need professionally written paper.


Another important thing to remember is to look for peer-reviewed articles because they have established their credibility through their work and their work is also reviewed by highly professional scholars which mean, the information provided by them is carefully analyzed by the professionals.


The most prominent thing for a source to be effective and credible is that it is a current source, i.e.; it’s not older than five years. It also means that you are integrating the source that has relevant and current information.


You are given the option in your database to search for less than five years or more than five years so, you don’t have to worry about, “what If I don’t find any current source?”


I hope you have understood my tips for looking up effectively until now.

Make sure that you use multiple databases to find your sources, don’t find sources from one publication, and search for different ones.


Avoid using websites that don’t provide references for the research material for their articles. Avoid taking data from “.com” websites. Also, avoid using those sources that have a clear bias.


Watch out for those websites such as “Newslo.” because these types of websites mostly use clickbait tactics to increase their traffic and exaggerate the information they are provided for satire or comedy purposes.


Some websites don’t care about the authenticity of the information and usually let their bloggers post on their websites such as Buzzfeed, Forbes blogs, or Tasty.


Follow the Currency, reliability, Authority, and Purpose/point of view map to analyze your sources and this will give you a good idea of which source is more credible than the other.


It is better to use a source that provides a clear perspective on the issue that you are discussing. Finding credible sources for your research paper is super important and you must carefully select the sources for your annotations.  The paper will look authentic and clear and professional.