Function1 / BG-Drupal
Institutions, and their facilities, have a lot to gain by fully embracing and promoting a paradigm shift to electric for their mobile workforce and customers. David will explain how the Open Charging Networks project implements the new standards for connecting facilities to the Smart Grid, in a manner that drives new traffic to their websites as well as their parking lots.

David Thompson began his commitment to interoperability and operational freedom for building owners nearly three decades ago. He was a founding member of the BACnet Interest Group - North America and helped facilitate its merger with the BACnet Manufacturers' Association to form BACnet International. In 2010 he founded The BACnet Group - Drupal as a non-profit Drupal Training Provider targeting BACnet-Drupal integrations. David is a Consultant for Function1, a software company specializing in enterprise technology. Founded in 2007, Function1 delivers its products, world-class services, customized solutions, and timely support across all sectors of industry.