Business Analyst

Michael has over 25 years of experience as consultant, from mom and pop to Fortune 500 telecom, aviation, insurance and pharmaceutical clients on software development and development practices, serving in roles of developer, architect, team lead and business analyst.

  • Applied Econometrics
  • MCI Worldcom
  • American Airlines
  • Texas Windstorm
  • Thoughtworks
  • Pfizer

Speaking topics include 
Continuous Delivery: who's in charge of what goes live?
What is this estimating thing? What it takes to get it right.
Avoiding the "Best Practices" trap: informed by principles, guided by evidence.
"A Pattern Language" a reflection on a cornerstone work

Previous speaking engagements:

Continuous Delivery: Drupalcon Austin June 2014
Continuous Delivery: Drupalcon Amsterdam Sept 2014
Continuous Delivery: Melbourne 2015
Continuous Delivery as Agile Successor (Lightning Talk)
What is this estimation thing?: DrupalEurope Darmstadt Sept 2018
Avoiding the Best Practices Trap: DrupalEurope Darmstadt Sept 2018