This session looks at a project that was borne in the first boot camp offered by TECHBOOTCAMPS, and designed to be used by the overall Drupal community without charge.  The project estimating tool is based on the methodology used by large software companies that both helps to sell an endeavor, as well as helps to 'discover' the budget available for a client project.  This approach uses a very simple Task/Subtask project management format, and this session will explain how to use the tool to appropriately size a project, determine all of the tasks required for a successful installation, as well as how to use the tool to determine a client’s budget.  Attendees will receive a copy of the tool for their own use.

This project is based on the work of John Walling, JD Collier, and Joe DiDonato, as well as the contributions made by Walter Wilkinson, Joe Foppiano, Liz Mackie, Calvin Ryu, Will Chan, and John Cunningham.