Institutions, and their facilities, have a lot to gain by fully embracing and promoting a paradigm shift to electric for their mobile workforce and customers. David will explain how the Open Charging Networks project implements the new standards for connecting facilities to the Smart Grid, in a manner that drives new traffic to their websites as well as their parking lots.


Attendees will learn how to Work with 'cool points' to create a 'smart site':

These 'cool points' are the kinds of systems and sensors installed in buildings that are 'offered up' thru Web Services and used to make your Drupal site 'smart'.

  • Understand 'Energy' as it relates to Drupal
  • Plan for the points - How to discuss this stuff with your clients
  • Meet with Architects and Engineers - to discuss specifying Drupal
  • Actually program the 'cool points' into Drupal.  

This session is geared toward attendees with an interest in using Web Services, showing Energy Efficiency, advancing Renewable Energy, display of "real-time" BACnet points thru Drupal

Attendees will leave knowing how to work with the ‘Energy’ modules on Drupal, how to jump in and help, find resources, and understand a bit of what is BACnet and why we want to use it in Drupal.

This sessions includes a Demonstration that will show:

  • A BACnet Web Server and where to find the point.
  • A Drupal Site and how to add the point.
  • An example of one ‘high value' point displayed on the 'Destination Charging' website