In this training we will cover a wide range of Webform-related technical aspects.

In particular, we will explore how robust Webform access system works (with just recently being committed there is interesting stuff to explore). Webform score 8.x-2.x module will be examined as an example of how 3rd party modules may leverage the Webform access system for their needs.

We will implement custom webform elements, custom webform handlers.

Attendees will form solid understanding of how Webform Views work internally. We wil then analyze the strong parts of the employed architecture within Webform Views module (see it as "architectural thinking" exercise).

If you have some questions about Webform, feel free to bring them with you onto the training. The more interactive it will be, the better! Objective of this training is to eliminate technical bareers that block more users from 'coding' webforms, not only site-building it.

This full-day training will be held on Thursday, November 8 from 9:00am - 4:00pm and includes a catered lunch.

Please note that each training requires a separate registration purchase. You may register for trainings and #DCATL below.

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