There are many reasons why a website has to be migrated to a new CMS--obsolete technology, organization wide initiatives, resuscitating an old project that received new funding, what have you.  But simply moving existing content is usually much more manual than we would like it to be, and can be soul draining in the process.

Wouldn't it be better to add some other bonuses and carrots to the process to make the end result not only more functional but more useful and easily consumned as well?

I will be presenting tactics, processes, and persuasionary techniques which have allowed migrations and updates to deliver:

  1. Better design and UX
  2. Increased accessibility and legal compliance
  3. Enhanced legibility of your subject content as target audiences should perceive it (we made it read good)
  4. Greater long term buy-in from editors and other content producers
  5. And a little newer tech cool factor

All while 'simply migrating' sites to updated systems--in examples being presented targets are Drupal 7 and 8.

These lessons should provide practical and legal ammunition to make any future migration a better long term investment, and not suck as much.

There will be a spread of editorial, design, and technical details from beginner to advanced HTML, CSS, configurations, and diction, however, the advanced parts will be mostly for reference in the slides or for further questions and details.

Rotate your expression of sorrow and angle of 180 degrees.