DrupalCamp Atlanta is one of the southeast's largest annual Drupal conferences attracting hundreds of web developers, designers, executives and educators who are engaged with teaching and learning Drupal.

This year's conference will be comprised of multiple sessions with tracks ranging from Beginner, Design/Theming and Usability, Development and Performance, Site Building, Business Leadership, and Education.  

DigitalCamp Atlanta 2020

Like all of you, we have been closely monitoring the evolving Coronavirus situation and learning more every day about the extent of its impact and how it will inevitably and profoundly reshape the way we live, work, and socialize for the foreseeable future. We’re optimists at heart and hope that we will soon be able to enjoy physical gatherings with friends and colleagues to share our thoughts, concerns, goals, and dreams. Unfortunately, current uncertain conditions stand in the way of responsibly hosting such an event.  For this reason, and thinking first about the health and well-being of everyone from attendees to speakers, to organizers and sponsors, we have decided to convert DrupalCamp Atlanta 2020 into a virtual event.

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Thursday, September 10 | Half Day Trainings & Sessions

All Trainings are From 9:00am EST to 12:00pm EST Please note trainings require separate registrations..

Friday, September 11 | Career Summit & Sessions