This will be a session about the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) suite of web standards. Developers use ARIA to highlight the accessiblity features of their websites. The session is intended for developers who are famliar with accessibility and want to take advantage of ARIA to enhance the accessiblity of their web components. Some knowledge of accessiblity, including the W3C's web content accessiblity guidelines and authoring tools guidelines, would be helpful; but not required. The session does not delve deeply into coding with ARIA but does cover some basic examples and best practices. This goal is to pose and answer questions developers commonly have about ARIA. Including:

  • What is ARIA
  • What does ARIA do?...and not do?
  • When should I use ARIA?...and not use it?
  • How do I include ARIA on a web component?

I also hope to clear up some common misconceptions about ARIA and how it works, to help other developers avoid common pitfalls when implementing it, and provide resources for learning more.